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Who are we?

Lucas and Grégory restaurateur and professional fisherman. Brought together by their common passion for fishing, the sea and good products. Residents of Gruissan, a historic fishing village, we wanted to highlight these products. Following the 2020 health crisis, and the closure of our respective establishments, we decided to pool our skills and create the Conserverie Gruissanaise, a unique concept in Gruissan.

Our philosophy

We are committed to promoting local and sustainable fishing, using only seasonal products.

Grégory being a professional fisherman, his fishing is our main source of supply. We also work with local Gruissan fishermen and the surrounding auctions.  Our goal is also to use all fishery products, many fish are little known to the general public and therefore remain unsold on the stalls, they are used for the manufacture of our preserves.

Today we are able to control the entire fishing chain from raw materials to marketing.

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